Welcome to Mommy Prep School

After a year and a half of being a mom, I have come to realize that life as a mommy is where the real schooling happens. This is why I started Mommy Prep School.

Our motto at Mommy Prep School is Learning how to be a mom one baby step at a time.

Our unofficial motto is What the heck am I doing? Faking you know what you are doing and hoping no one calls you out on it.

In my first year of Mommy Prep School I have begun my studies in some core subjects:

Social Studies The art of playdates and other mommy social interactions.

Consumer Ed How to be a thoughtful consumer and not buy every item that promises to change your (and your child’s) life.

Intro to Fashion The art of dressing cute while taking into consideration life on a playground,it is easier to just wear pjs, and trying to hide that (never going to go away) pooch.

Culinary Arts The food lovers class that sometimes requires cooking but always requires eating.

Reading and Comprehension Books, blogs, and other media that occupy my time and brain space.

Practical Arts The DIY class that leaves you wondering how you ended up with hot glue in your hair and if you’ll ever get all that glitter out of the carpet.

Language Arts Definitions and explanations for words and terms every parent needs to know.

History My attempt to share and engage my little guy in Vietnamese culture.

Science Fostering inquiry and growth through exploration and discovery for parent and child.

Music Appreciation Moving beyond lullabies, white noise, and Wheels on the Bus.

Global Studies Family friendly traveling and exploring.

Sex Ed The art of romance.

Chicago Seminar Enjoying life in the windy city.

Physical Education Dancing with your little one and other activities to get your heart pumping.

Please join me as I try to pass all my classes at Mommy Prep School. Proud member of the graduating class of 2030.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Mommy Prep School

  1. Awesome blog! Awesome with dressing your kids for playground you wouldnt believe how many parents gets mad at their kid for getting dirty from the playground.

    Don’t forget mommy and daddy date notes:)

  2. What an excellent idea! Being a new mother can be so overwhelming…there can never be too much support for new mommas. 🙂

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