My Toddler Summer Bucket List

1. Complete the Chicago Public Library Summer Reading Challenge
I enrolled my little guy in the Full Steam Ahead a few weeks ago and each night we are reading an average of 15-20 minutes a day. I hope this experience is the foundation for a life long love of reading.

2. Enjoy some live music
My mister and I love live music. Before our little guy our weekends and sometimes weekday evenings would be filled with concerts. I am hoping to share a love of live music with my little one this summer.

3. Hike
I love the outdoors. Although I wish we hiked and biked more, I am glad I have the summer to introduce it to my little guy.

4. Camp
I miss camping and am excited to take our little guy camping this summer. We plan on introducing him to sleeping outdoors with a short weekend camping trip and in August we’re going big and hitting up Yosemite.

5. Slides, swings, bubbles and other park fun
If we are not doing any of the above we better be at the park!


10 thoughts on “My Toddler Summer Bucket List

  1. That bubble wand is the BEST invention 😉 j loves it! She gets so excited when she can wave the wand and make bubbles come out herself 🙂 independence!

  2. Virginia you just gave me some awesome ideas I still haven’t done this summer (namely, to hike). Hope you get to tick off your bucket list!

  3. We recently went on a hike on the University of Michigan campus green space (paved but wooded) with the stroller mommy group and WOW did my little B get some major WELTS from mosquito bites ;(( I hadn’t applied the bug spray because it was a breezy day, well, I was proven wrong, again!! GREAT LIST!!

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