Green City Market

Farmers markets are fun aren’t they? Fresh produce, delicious food, samples. Those are just some of the many reasons I like farmers markets. Regrettably, I don’t go a lot. Yesterday’s trip was the first this summer. As the bus stop approached the Green City Market my mouth began to salivate and any form of self control left me.

This photo was taken when my little guy and I first arrived at the Green City Market. He was excited for his first trip to a farmers market. When he saw all the fruit he pointed and squealed.


After saying hi to friends and enjoying some live music, I walked around the market ready to consume and purchase everything in sight. The only thing that actually stopped me was the fact that my little guy and I had a full day at the zoo ahead of us. No way the food, milk, and produce I wanted would last. But, I will be back.

Just because I couldn’t buy stuff for later didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy some farmers markets items right away.

My little guy and I first started with a delicious grilled cheese.


We then grabbed a cold drink.


Next stop some cherries.



To end things right I got a tasty cookie. A very tasty cookie.


Everything I had was delicious but it wasn’t enough to satisfy my love for farmers markets. I want more. When I return I am going to get me some…

Delicious whole milk. My little guy has never been more enthusiastic about drinking milk than he was when he sampled the whole milk at the market.


I will be back to get some sweet and savory crepes.


Of course I would pick up flowers on my next trip to the farmers market.



Cheese for our picnics is a must.


And to end our trip to the farmers market right I would get a fresh fruit smoothie to share with my little guy as we hit up the Lincoln Park Zoo. Since the Green City Market is so close to the zoo, it only makes sense to stop by the zoo and make it a full day of fun.


What are your farmers market favorites?

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