Well Hello There!

I had been so busy enjoying summer it was gone before I knew it. My school year has been in session for almost a month now, and I am finally getting myself back in gear for life as a working mom.

What have we been up to? Lots of things, but first on the blogging agenda, an update on my big makeover!

I love my new look, but, with a toddler on the loose, I haven’t been able to take any photos of myself with my new hair. Instead my phone is filled with photos and videos of my little guy and all the cool new things he does each day. But, I can share my photos from the day of my big makeover.

Just to review, my cousin, Michael, is a senior stylist at The Londoner Salon in Manhattan Beach. He’s amazing! He did my whole wedding party hair and makeup. Thanks to him, my wedding was published in a Southern California wedding magazine.

I had gotten several consultations from Michael before the haircut. All of which were through texts that looked something like this:

Me: Cousin, help me! I need a haircut so bad. Not sure, long short??? Can you help me? I want to look young, chic, updated, but it has to be low maintenance. Btw, I fear looking like a frumpy mom.

Michael: Sure! Here are some celebrities with your face shape

Arriving to his salon I still was undecided. He talked me through what I was looking for and I left looking and feeling great. Michael gave me a textured bob that is very now and taught me how to style it different ways.





Since then I have worn my hair straight, wavy, in a pony tail, pinned back, half up and down, straight and textured, braided on one side and clipped… The options are endless and I am having a lot of fun with this short style.

What do you think of my new look?

When’s the last time you updated your style? Share a pic of your looks on Mommy Prep School’s Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Well Hello There!

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