Joovy Foocot Review

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying your first few days in 2014!

There’s been a lot going with our family and I am excited to share. The most exciting news is my little family of three is becoming a family of four! Yup, I am pregnant. Our little one is due in March 2014. We are so excited and our little guy gives my belly a hug every day and kisses”our baby” everyday.

In planning for the new baby sleep has been on my mind. As you know, we are a bed sharing family. Our little guy sleeps in his toddler bed which is pushed up against our bed. We love this sleeping arrangement but have worried about how to bed share with two little ones. I know my fellow blogging mommy pal at Laotion Commotion does it and that helps bring me some relief but I am still in search of solutions. Currently I am exploring the Joovy Foocot as an option.

Joovy generously sent me the Foocot for review and what perfect timing!

What I really like about the Foocot:

  • It came assembled! Right out of the box I was able to, pregnant and all, pull it out and open it right up.
  • Easy for my two year old to get on and off. My little guy loved this Foocot. Before I could completely open it he was trying to climb into it. Even with one hand trying to hold him off I was able to open the cot.
  • It is compact. I set up the cot right next to my bed and it did not take up much space.
  • Light. Only weighing a little bit over 6 1/2 lbs the Foocot is extremely light and easy to transport. As my little guy gets older I know we will be using the Foocot as a bed when traveling.
  • Comfortable. We live in a one bedroom one den condo. Our space is very limited and when guests come to town to stay we usually offer them a blow up bed in the living room. Now, our guests tend to have kids. I love that we can offer the kids the Foocot to sleep on.
  • Fun colors.  I chose the orange Foocot.  It is fun color that I’m naturally drawn to.  It also comes in blueberry, greenie, and pink.

Upon further reflection:

  • Although I love the color orangie, I didn’t realize that purchasing a bright orange cot my be too intense for my little guy to sleep on. But, this is easily solved because the Foocot comes with a sheet. Yay! Another reason to love it.
  • I am constantly reevaluating our sleeping situation.   I love cosleeping and bedsharing.  I really believe it has helped build a strong bond and nurturing relationship between our little guy and us.  But, we don’t get as much sleep as our friends with young ones do.  And, shortage of sleep takes different kinds of tolls.  I am hoping the Foocot will help us when baby #2 comes.

photo 4

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3  photo 5

Check out Joovy’s other great products and to purchase the Foocot Child Cot click here.

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