Surviving the Winter with a Toddler


Snow day!!! Tomorrow, I should be returning to work after my two week winter break, but instead, due to ‘Snowmageddon Chicago‘ there’s been a snow day declared and no school tomorrow for teachers or staff.

Here’s a snapshot of tonight’s weather. Reports for tomorrow’s weather are as cold as -40 degrees!photo

I’ve lived in Chicago for over seven years now, but it wasn’t until I had my little guy that I really thought about how to survive the winter months.  Actually, not just survive, but ENJOY the winter months.  That’s when I started investing in the right clothes and gear for my little guy and myself.

Here are some of my winter recommendations for mommy and toddler.


  • JJ Cole Bundleme Arctic Toddler-Instead of spending winter hibernating we spend winter out and about as much as possible.  Usually, when the weather reads 30 degrees or higher I try to take my little guy out.  Sometimes it’s a walk to the market, a trip to the donut shop (my favorite is Do-Rite Donuts), the Art Institute, or just to go see dogs playing at our local dog park.  It’s always nice to get out, even for a little bit.  To help keep my little guy happy, we literally bundle him up in the JJ Cole Bundleme Arctic Toddler.  He’s always warm, comfortable and smiley in his stroller with the Bundleme.


  • Crane Electric Fireplace Heater  I am a loyal Crane-USA customer.  Having owned their panda humidifier before becoming a mom, I’ve always appreciated Crane’s combination of aesthetics and function.  The Crane Electric Fireplace Heater has gone above and beyond.  Crane gifted me the heater over a year ago and we’ve been using it in our home most of the year.  At first, we had it in our living room.  But, for the winter months, it keeps us toasty in the bathroom.  My favorite thing about the Crane Electric Fireplace Heater is it is cool to touch.  Although we keep our little guy’s hands off the heater, we are assured knowing that if he were to touch the heater, his cute little hands are fine.

  • Thermos Nissan 16-Ounce Stainless-Steel Backpack Bottle I own two of these bottles because they work great.  They’re especially wonderful during the cold Chicago winters.  Our coffees, teas, hot chocolates stay cold in the winters while our milk and water stay ice cold for us in the summer.  It’s a great mug.

That’s my list of a few of our winter survival items.  The most important thing to remember is to stay safe.  With weather like tomorrow’s its best to stay home where its safe and follow all safety precautions issued by local authorities.


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