2014 Joovy ResolutionsX2 Partner {Giveaway}

Ok, it’s now the end of January…how many of your new years resolutions are still going strong?  As for me,  I am happy to report I’m still working on them.  I should let you know though, my resolutions weren’t huge life changing resolutions.  They were small resolutions like keep the front entrance area organized.  Don’t buy more clothes than I have space for.  Fairly manageable resolutions that were minor changes and adaptations.

Lucky for those of us who need a little more motivation to stick to our new years resolutions, you now have a chance to win $600 to spend on great Joovy products.  My favorite family gear source, Joovy, is hosting the 2014 Joovy Resolutions x2 Giveaway! Are you hoping to be a fit mom for the new year?  You can get yourself the Joovy Zoom 360 (which I love and have a post about it here) or the CoCoon  for family bike rides.  Or maybe you’re like our family, expecting a second little one and need a nifty double stroller.  If you do, Joovy has a wide selection of double strollers sure to fit your growing family’s needs. There are also a range of feeding, sleeping, and play gear you and your little ones will definitely enjoy.  So what are you waiting for?  To enter the giveaway go to Mommy Prep School’s Facebook page or go Joovy’s blog.  Good luck!


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