Long Overdue…Another Mommy Hair Makeover

I am ashamed to write this, but I have not had a haircut since my last one over the summer…yes, the summer.  Remember this post? It has now been over 6 months and it is time to give my hair some much needed attention.  In preparation for my haircut, I’ve started a Pinterest board called mid-length hair.  

My hair goals:

Low maintenance.  I struggle with the temptation to pull my hair into a pony tail all the time.  I’m hoping my new hairstyle will inspire me to put the extra 10 minutes (I consider 10 minutes of maintenance as low maintenance) I need to style it.

Chic. One my my biggest fears as a I age and spend all my time caring for my kids is that I lose my style and look frumpy.  That’s why I turn to celebrity moms often.  Although I fully recognize they have an entourage to help them look fierce, I do look to them for style inspiration.

Makes me feel good.  I am a firm believer that when you look good, it helps you feel good.  If my hair looks good, it will help me feel put together, even in a few months from now, when I have a newborn and toddler to care for…and probably didn’t have a chance to shower yet.  I will probably be in my pjs all day, but at least my hair will look good.

A few images of celebrity mid-length haircuts I’m taking to my stylist.  Wish me luck!






One thought on “Long Overdue…Another Mommy Hair Makeover

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