Mommy of the Month! Amber Izzard

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Mommy of the Month

 Amber Izzard

Izzard (26 of 42)

Amber and I have been friends since the 7th grade.  Even then, she was always stylish, put together and someone I would turn to for advice.  Her family blog The Izzards is one I follow not only because I love her little ones, but also to see a real mom’s experience as she moves from baby to toddler to school age kid.   Right now, I’m especially appreciating her Potty Party Post! as I try to navigate the potty world with my little guy.

Over 15 years later we’re both mommies and I now turn to her for both style and mom advice.  That’s why she’s my February Mommy of the Month!  Thank you to my friend Amber for taking time out of her busy schedule to let me interview her.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Growth: As much as I don’t like it, watching them grow and discover new things. It’s fun to see life through a child’s eyes…but can’t they just stay “_____ ” age forever? Each stage I say, “this one is my favorite.” …Except for a good chunk of age three. HA!

What are some of the challenges you face as a working mom and how do you deal with them?

Mornings. My husband leaves before the kids are up so it’s up to me to get everyone fed and ready for the day. I do as much prep at night as possible for the mornings so we don’t feel even more rushed than we already are to get out the door and to school, Starbucks, and work on time! Packing lunches, laying out clothes, packing bags and putting them in the car, taking baths — all of these little things help the mornings run smoother. 

How’s life as a stay at home mom compare to life as a working mom?

Both jobs are hard. As a working mom, I struggled with missing milestones (although I didn’t miss them). Being a teacher is one of the best professions a mom could have, in my opinion. Tons of breaks during the year allow you to live both lives as a SAHM and Working Mom. I am fortunate enough to be home with both kids now, and the hardest part is not having a minute to myself until the kids are in bed…and then Daddy wants attention. I miss the moments to think in peace and quiet over an email and a cup of coffee. But, I do enjoy the “noise” my kids make because it means they are healthy and happy! I just check my email as I nurse now. 

How would you describe your little ones’ personalities?

My son is full of energy. He never stops until bedtime. My daughter is mellow compared to him but still has enough energy to wear us out! Both are little Type As…just like me! 5. With one kid just starting toddler years and one leaving/left them,  any tips on how to survive the tantrums? It’s a learning time for parents and children. However you decide to handle them, stay consistent and don’t give in. If you give in even once, the child knows they can keep pushing you and pushing you until you break (again). Surviving public tantrums is another story.

What is something you buy now as a mom you didn’t buy before?

Organic foods as much as possible. Especially the Dirty Dozen. 

What advice would you give new moms?

Trust your instincts. Books are great, friends are better, family is family…trust YOUR instincts.

Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to document my son’s life but scrap-booking seemed overwhelming and expensive. This was an easier way and so economical. It’s been fun watching the blog develop and see how my mothering has changed over the years. 

You’re really stylish.  What are your tips on how to look cute but also be comfortable?

Well thank you! Who knew Target could be so stylish? I certainly didn’t until let’s say…my son turned one and wouldn’t sit in the stroller anymore while we shopped at Nordstrom’s. It became a lot more convenient to get my clothes at Target while I was getting wipes, paper towels, and (now) some grocery items. I never try things on there because I know I’ll be back soon…to make some returns and shop. As far as being comfortable, buy items that fit. I’m guilty of wearing things that are too big. After two babies I didn’t realize that I actually weigh less than my wedding day but feel flabbier. Weird how that works. After baby one, I was always thinking about how the item would work when I was pregnant again, or nursing. I nursed both babies for 18 months (well still am) so I wanted tops to have easy access for the first year of constant feeds. 
Not only is Amber’s family picture perfect, but she’s really a mom to be inspired by.  Follow her blog at  I would also recommend you check her out on Pinterest.  She’s got some great pinspiration.

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