My New (Hair)Do


Yay, I finally got my hair done after more than six months of rocking the mommy ponytail. I’ll be honest, I will still rock that ponytail despite my new do.  Though it does feel good knowing my hair doesn’t have to look the mess I may feel I am that day.

As a mom, I find it so easy to put my needs last when thinking about my little guy, my husband, and my career. But, prioritizing myself is important and getting this haircut helped me regain some of that perspective.

Do you like my new do? I think it meets the three hair goals I stated in my previous post Long Overdue…Another Mommy Hair Makeover. What do you think?

For any of you moms out there that are due for a new do, I say make that appointment and treat yourself!

*For the Chicago moms and dads my hair salon is Red 7 Salon.  Taylor, my stylist, listens to my lifestyle, concerns, and hair goals.  He’s given me great haircuts and I can’t recommend him enough!

C'mon, leave me a comment. It'll make my day!

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