Glowstick Valentines


For my little guy’s class Valentines, I am hoping to inspire a dance party by giving every little friend a glowstick.

After much consideration I decided on a Valentine that combines my hubby’s love for Star Wars, my love of all things that glow, and our mutual love of puns. I found this great free printable from design.wash.rinse.repeat….

I purchased the glowsticks from Target’s dollar section, but see them at craft stores often.  For a total of about $2.50 I have fun Valentines for all his little friends.


The next step was to print and cut the free “Yoda Best Valentine”.


To assemble the Valentines I cut each Valentine along the borders then hole punched and cut a slit into Yoda’s right hand. I then placed the glowstick  through the hole. The last step was to I add some tape to securely hold the glowstick in place.


What do you think? Is it a bright idea?

What fun Valentines have you made for your little one?

For more Valentines Pinspiration check out my Pinterest Valentines crafts board.


C'mon, leave me a comment. It'll make my day!

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