AraOn Date Night

My hubs and I enjoyed a romantic date this last weekend. With a new little one on the way, we are hoping to share a few more intimate moments before our next little one arrives.

We went to AraOn in downtown Chicago. An Asian fusion restaurant, it was the perfect atmosphere for a date night. Hip decor, delicious food, friendly waitstaff, all set us up for a romantic dinner. Even the walk home felt like we were in a romantic film. The best part? We made it home in time to tuck our little guy in for bed.

What’s your perfect date night?







2 thoughts on “AraOn Date Night

  1. Glad you guys got out for a date night Virginia! My husband and I also went out last night (it was our Valentine’s dinner, as we don’t like celebrating it on the day itself lol). Unfortunately we weren’t impressed with the food (too fancy, too little, too spicy!) but we of course enjoyed just being out by ourselves and pretending we were still dating 🙂

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