Asian Glazed Ribs and Udon Salad


For the last two years I have been teaching myself how to cook. Endless online resources have helped me devote time and effort to cooking without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.

To try to save time, I recently acquired a crockpot. Initially, I hesitated to get a crockpot because I questioned how often I would really use it. ‘Would it remain tucked away in my kitchen or a closet and make an appearance only when I might feel inspired to use it?’ I questioned. I asked my coworkers how often they used their’s. I read blogs written by working moms on their use of the crockpot. My research and careful consideration (but mostly the generosity of a colleague who had an extra crockpot to give me) led me to entering the crockpot world. I have had it for three weeks and have made four delicious meals with it. My mister and little guy have given me encouraging feedback. Basically, the crockpot is a hit in my family!

The latest dish I made was Asian glazed ribs with udon salad. Using a combination of two recipes I found from Real Simple (links below) this meal was a home run with my two fellas. The pickiest of the two is my little guy and his words exactly when he ate the ribs and noodles was, ‘Mommy, I like it mommy. I like it.’ ‘Hooray!’ my heart sang.

The recipe I used for the ribs is:
The recipe I used for the udon salad is:
To get more vegetables into my little guy’s belly I added shredded broccoli, carrots, and red cabbage to the udon salad. He ate it all up.

What are your thoughts regarding a crockpot? Helpful or not?

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