There’s no other way to express how I felt about today’s morning than #winning.

You see, Anh Hai (big bro) was home sick and I had to play defense and keep him away from Em Gai (little sister). My mister left for work this morning worried about how I would handle today alone. I am happy to report I survived it.


20140424-175703.jpgHow did I survive it? TRAINS!!! Hours of trains. I took Anh Hai and Em Gai to watch trains and it kept the sick big bro very happy.






20140424-175821.jpg20140424-175750.jpgAfter three hours of trains, some playground time, and lunch Anh Hai fell asleep on our walk home. That’s when I decided to treat myself to a donut from Glazed and Infused.


I believe that when you’re #winning you deserve a delicious donut to celebrate.

20140424-175834.jpgOnce home, I sat down to ironically enjoy a donut and read Women’s Health.


What’s your latest #winning moment?











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