My Summer Bucket List

Summer is my favorite time of year. As a teacher summer usually consisted of some traveling, catching up on books I didn’t have the time for during the school year, some teaching workshops I both led and attended. Now, as a mom my summers look very different BUT way more fun!

This summer I would like to:

1. Go to the park A LOT. I got my eye on a very special park in New York City I plan on hitting up.

2. Enjoy picnic lunches with friends. I may even get creative with our lunches and try a fun bento box or two.

3. Attend an outdoor concert. Unfortunately, our annual Pitchfork Music Festival tradition had ended but we hope to replace it with other fun outdoor concert opportunities this summer.

4. Take Em Gai on her first flight. We are heading to New York and Orange County this summer. She will be a seasoned flyer by the age of 6 months.

5. Travel. Currently on our summer itinerary is New York, San Francisco, and San Diego.

6. Have ‘datenoons‘ (that’s what my mister and I call our mid day dates). We already had one last week after Em Gai’s doctor appointment. Love these spontaneous datenoons.

7. Join a book club. Until then I will be reading Gone Girl on my own.

8. Enroll my two kiddos in a library summer reading program. Last summer my little guy completed the Chicago Public Library reading program and we had a lot of fun doing it.  This summer, I hope to complete the program with my two kiddos.

9. Attend a summer wedding. My sister is getting married this summer!

Bonus points if I can swing this one…

10. Go to see a movie at the movie theater. Maybe a matinee? That would make this one easier to pull off. I can’t remember the last movie I went to go see. Did the Harry Potter series ever finish? Just kidding. Saw them all and loved them.

What’s on your summer bucket list?
Want to see my bucket list from last summer? Check it out here.

Em Gai getting a head start on her reading.


3 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. What a lovely picture of em gai’! I love the pic! Also I am a fan of your blog. I stop by once a week on my lunch time. My children are grown so reading about your little ones is a joy.

      • Our oldest son is now 29. He is getting married in 4 weeks. Our em gai’ is 6 years younger and will be 23 and starting grad school at the end of August. I loved being a mom and I am still missing the child raising years. Keep up your good work, Virginia, you’re doing great…

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