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Mommy of the Month

Tabitha Green


I have been an avid follower of Tabitha’s blog Defining Tabitha for years now.   Her blog showcased her style, her journey as a new mom, her love of food and travel.  I wanted…no I needed to meet her.  So, I finally got up the courage to message her over Facebook.  Since then, we’ve exchanged a few emails and she’s just as cool to talk to as she is to read about on her blog.

I’m happy to introduce her as my July Mommy of the Month.  Take a look at this cool mama’s answers to my questions.

1.  How did you come up with your blog name?
My original blog was called Fashion Therapist.  I had that blog name for a good 3 years before I re-branded to Defining Tabitha.  I switched because I realized that my blog name was truly setting the expectation that I would primarily blog about fashion.  As I started to grow into my late 20s I realized that my interests were evolving and I wanted to shift the focus of my posts to embrace that change.  So I chose Defining Tabitha….it showcases all of the things in my life that define who I am…a mom, wife, fashion lover, aspiring cook, foodie and professional wanderer. 
2. What got you into blogging?  
I started my blog in 2007 when I lived in LA and it was blogs like That’s Chic inspired me to follow in their footsteps but in a different way.  I was a pro at tackling affordable fashion with all the LA sample sales so I used it as a way to showcase fashion on a budget.
3.  What’s currently in your purse/diaper bag?  
Really it depends on which bag you look at.  
  • If you look at my “I’m in a rush and need to run to the store bag” you’ll find my small Rebecca Minkoff coin purse, Kleenex and 3 different lip products (gloss, lipstick and chapstick). 
  • If you look at my, “We’re going to be out of the home for awhile bag” you’ll find my large Mark Jacobs wallet, Ray-Ban sunglasses, small make-up bag with all necessary touch-ups, Cold-Eeze (always keep them handy with a kid), Kleenex, business cards (both professional and blog), pouch of bobby pins and probably a ton of receipts.
  • Since I choose to not carry a traditional diaper bag, I add diapers, wipes, snacks and a toy into my big bag when we go out.

4. You never leave home without…

blush.  True story.  Without it I look like I have an adult form of jaundice.
5. Favorite thing to do with your little guy?  
Eat out.  Every Saturday morning we go on a long walk and have breakfast together as mom and son.  He appreciates food so much and I can tell that he has a great sense of flavor profiles with the way he combines his bites.  I just love watching him eat cause he appreciates every moment.  What other almost 2 year old prefers eating Kim Chee Fried Rice vs. pizza?  Seriously!
6. What’s something you do to treat yourself?
The easy answer is a glass of wine….and maybe a bag chips.  What can I say? I’m easy to please.
7. Advice for a new mom?  
Don’t overly prepare yourself for the un-expected.  It’s called the un-expected for a reason. While other moms are great resources to seek comfort and to lean on, don’t prepare yourself based on other people’s experiences.  Yours is your own for a reason, so just put on your seat belt and enjoy the ride – bumps and all!
Thank you Tabitha for sharing some of yourself for my July Mommy of the Month feature.  Join me in following Tabitha, her family , food, travel and chic mama style. Check out her blog at www.DefiningTabitha.com.



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