Nanny and Me Book Review

Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano and Illustrated by Sydni Kruger is a sweet book about a little girl and her Nanny. The book begins by explaining that families look different. Some have one parent working outside the home while others have both parents working outside the home just like the little girl and her younger brother.

“Saying goodbye to Mommy and Daddy can be sad, but it means I get to see my SPECIAL friend Nanny. While Mommy and Daddy are at work, Nanny takes care of my brother and me. 

‘Are you ready to have a fun ADVENTURE today?’ she asks. I always say YES!” -excerpt from Nanny and Me

Although my two kids don’t have a nanny, my son found the book relatable. Romano is able to  show the different ways Nanny cares for the kids. From tying shoelaces, pushing swings, tending to boo boos, and putting the children down for their nap, the little girl describes her time with Nanny. My three year old connected the little girl’s relationship with Nanny to his preschool teachers who care for him.

My son and I were also drawn to the beautiful illustrations. Each image and detail was another opportunity to connect with the family and Nanny. Tender moments between Nanny and the children graced each page. I am very impressed by Kruger’s ability to communicate love and care between Nanny and the children in each image.

It is a great book for kids with nannies. After some research, I found most books about nannies were geared towards parents.

Grade: A

Nanny and Me by Florence Ann Romano and Illustrated by Sydni Kruger.  Romano, a former nanny herself, does a great job showing the loving relationship between nannies and the children the care for.

Some Extension Activities:

  1. Ask “Besides mom and dad, who else takes care of you?”
  2. Ask “Who makes you feel safe? What is it they do that makes you feel safe?”
  3. Make a list with your child of all the fun things they look forward to doing with their nanny or other caretaker.
  4. Before reading the words on each page ask the child to describe what they see. Use guiding questions such as “What is the little girl doing in this picture?” “Does she look happy?” “How do you know she is happy?”

Nanny and Me is available on Amazon.

This book was provided free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.






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