Student Profile

Name: Virginia
Graduating Class of 2030

I’m a mom in Chicago working to pass the ultimate of all life lessons, how to be a mom. I’m currently in my first year of Mommy Prep School and have seventeen more years to go.

GPA (Greatest Parenting Achievement): Meeting my little guy. I’ll always remember the day he was born. I have never experienced anything more wonderful in my life.

SAT (Stats of All the Times)* Score as of 6.30.13: 4,376 diapers changed, 547 times I’ve read our nighttime book Pajama Time, 1,434 times I have stuck my nose in my little guy’s butt and taken a huge whiff, 891 times that whiff did detect poop, 453 ‘ouchie’ moments I’ve had to kiss away, and 76 times I’ve hoped no one saw me pick food we dropped from off the ground and give it to my little guy anyways.

The SAT score are just estimations. No real data was collected for these numbers.

Extracurriculars: travel, photography, music, playing the ukulele, fashion, decor, the outdoors, and food.

Check out what Mommy Prep School is about here

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog and the like. What a wonderful blog you have! Love to read more. Have a great day! Cheers, Mom of Dragon Boy : )

  2. Hi Virginia,
    You have a lovely blog and I have been reading it periodically.
    Keep up the good works. You are making a great diary of these precious child rearing years. I know because I am an OLD Vietnamese mom. I so miss those days….


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